Some Independence Day doom out of the window earlier… #sydney #storm (at Total Synergy)

THAT’S NUTS!! #enoughalready (at Total Synergy)

Growing old(er) doesn’t mean growing up, does it? #36today (at Strathfield Station (Platforms 7 & 8))

Get out of your bubble and sleepout to raise funds for #missionaustralia’s #wintersleepout on 31st August. You can use a tent and your own back yard. 😝#homelessness (at Martin Place)

The bubble. (at Martin Place)

#wintersleepout (at Martin Place)

#wintersleepout (at Martin Place)

Sleep out for homelessness on August 31 and help raise funds for Australians in need. #wintersleepout (at Martin Place)

Them city streets. (at Lewisham Station)

The waiting game. (at Strathfield Station (Platforms 7 & 8))

Emergency exits are here, her and here. (at Dj Warehouse)

Invisible trolley pusher. #brickwall (at Niche Marketing Group)

Happy Monday evening!! #hometime (at Lewisham Station)

Emergency exit. (at Dj Warehouse)

Angel Place. #lategram It felt like a scene from Harry Potter. (at Angel Place)

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